About Us
the Sunderland Agricultural Society

The work of the Sunderland Agricultural Society is guided by its constitution.

Meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. at the Sunderland Town Hall on the fourth Monday of each month. In addition, there are many active committees at work throughout the year, focused primarily on planning the many activities of its annual fall fair.

At its Annual General Meeting on the fourth Monday of November, the society selects its executive, reviews its financial status and considers future plans. Before dealing with business matters, members enjoy fellowship and a delicious meal together.

New members are always welcome as there are many tasks that require a variety of skills and talents. Annual membership in the Society is $7.00. Membership extends the privilege of exhibiting at the fair.

For those interested in promoting the tradition of agricultural fairs in rural Ontario, members of the Sunderland Agricultural Society are entitled to participate in the activities of the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies.


2021 Executives 


Rodney Stickwood


(705) 357- 3405

Carol St. John

Fair Secretary

Lynda Simpson


Past President - Jim Kiezebrink
1st Vice President - Debbie Brethour
               Allan Simpson
               Lynda Cunningham
               Michael Harder
               Brian Stickwood
               Dale St. John
               Norma Ferguson 
               Bill Dobbin
               Sherry Doble          
               Ted Smith
               Keith Shier
               Norm Wilson
               Kim Underwood

2023 Meeting Dates

Regular meetings are on the 4th Monday at the Sunderland Town Hall at 7:30 pm - No meeting in December

Annual General Meeting Monday, November the 28th at 7:30 pm Sunderland Town Hall.